Production Services Price List


Once upon a time, a mean so and so called me and my production team dirt farmers. At long last, I have decided to embrace that epithet by providing services to other dirt farmers like me. I provide all services on a daily fee (prorated for very short production days) plus costs for materials and outside services basis.


I have an 8’x15′ wall just waiting for your production. It includes a corner and natural sunlight, which can be blocked out to suit your tastes.

Rental Fee – $150/day (4hrs minimum prorated for less)


Have camera and two 5k lights will travel (within the Los Angeles 30-mile circle or to Southern California). A couple lights and a wall to shoot against is all anyone needs to create a scene.


Have software will travel! I can and will turn your raw footage into a scene, a commercial, music video, web series or movie.


Yes, I write the scripts too! In fact, I provide all kinds of writing services to all kinds of people many who don’t even need to create a video or audio. See my writing page for more details. Most writing/editing services are billed separately from my daily rates.


I jump in front of the camera all the time when the script calls for a guy to do whatever. See my acting page for more details. Acting is billed on my standard day rates.


My productions are all about moving furniture and pictures to create the set I need for the scene, but sometimes a little more is required. Creating sets is but one of the many services I provide. Many times there will be no materials costs associated with this service, but I never say never.


I whip up tunes quite easily, but I don’t sing (I am listed by name in several cities’ ordinances as noise pollution). I play harmonica and keyboard. You may choose to purchase royalty-free music through our music store, or you may hire me to create original work $250/75 min score that I will then control afterwards and turn into royalty-free music. For original music that you will control afterwards please contact me to negotiate because if there’s going to be an actual soundtrack deal I want my piece!


I love dropping effects and music into videos. I also produce audio dramas and radio ads for the discriminating audiophile.


Have tools and opposable thumbs will travel! Given enough lead time and agreement to help defray materials costs I, a tool-using animal, will help build anything to make your production a success.


On small budget productions, the boss must get comfortable moving stuff around. So, yes, I move heavy objects.


If you ask nicely I can cook for you, but only on days in my studio using the green screen wall. I am not cooking for you at a remote location!

Job specialities not on this list are not provided by me, but I may be able to help you find what you need.

Fees: To keep things simple, my daily rate is based on how many of these services I provide during your production.

One service: $100/day (4hrs minimum. Prorated for shorter)

Two services: $150/day (4hrs minimum. Prorated for shorter)

Three or more services: $200/day (4hrs minimum. Prorated for shorter)

I will make an estimate of the time needed and bill you on a half now half after basis by way of PayPal.

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